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hey guys it's me Sarah here's a video it if you're at wholesale today and in this video I'm going to teach you how to find a supplier in Alibaba to menu spec to your items that your private labeling for Amazon FBA in addition I'm going to give you a template that you can use when you're contacting suppliers and give you tips on how to contact them effectively and how to select the right one so let's jump straight into it Music alright I'm about to switch over to my computer screen right now and show you how to use Alibaba to sort through the manufacturers on there and put the right ones for you now while I'm going to teach you how to sort through the manufacturers and find ones that manufacture the products that you're looking to sell unfortunately there isn't some magical process that you can follow to pick the best one you're simply going to have to email quite a few and invent them using email so let me switch over to my computer screen and show you how to use Alibaba all right so come here to the home page of early barber and type in the product that you're looking for I'm going to use vitamin pills as my example and when I click search what I was others going to do is it's going to show me all of the different listings or the products listings for vitamin pills and some of these will initially be bottles but a lot of times they will actually be vitamin pills now there are a lot of them so obviously I can't contact all of these suppliers in fact there are thirteen thousand four hundred and seventy-three products listed below so obviously I cannot contact at me so I'm going to have to filter the results down even further one thing to keep in mind though is that there's my HD thirteen thousand four hundred and seventy three different products listed because of the fact that suppliers will oftentimes post multiple listings for the same item so what we need to do is come and filter the results to show suppliers all right so now it's gone from over thirteen thousand to six hundred seventy four which is a lot better but we still need to filter these results down even more so come and click on bold supplier now this isn't a great filter because most suppliers choose to upgrade to go because it's still really cheap but here you can see we're down to six hundred and two six suppliers from here if you've got too many suppliers like I do here to have a manageable amount to go through in contact what I would suggest that you do is you go and you click on the assist supplier tab now only do is uh such as quote if you have too many to manage like this one here because not many suppliers become assist but if you've got hundreds of suppliers listed for your item this is a good solution for narrowing the results down even further so now we're down to fifty suppliers which is a lots manageable from here what you're going to do is you're going to contact...